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When a group of renegade Cult members begin a series of attacks to stop the dig, Erin and Craig intensify their efforts to find the scrolls before anyone is killed. But time is running out Carved In Stone. Kitabu cha 3.

Machu Picchu, high in the Peruvian Andes, is the setting for the third book in the Erin and Craig series. Teaming up with noted archaeologist, Professor Roger Williams, the dig continues despite the protests of the locals who believe it is violating their ancestors' holy ground. Acts of sabotage escalate to the point that the Peruvian army is sent in.

However, before they can examine their exciting find, the roof of the cave they are working in collapses, burying Roger and their unbelievable discovery under tons of rubble. Recuperating in a hospital bed after nearly being killed herself, Erin babbles on about the pictures she's taken of the find - or was it all a dream? And, can it be recovered before time runs out Mystery Of The Kukulan Temple.

Kitabu cha 4. During a time in their lives when a much-needed vacation is in order, Dr. Erin, a world-renowned archeologist, recently completed her share of some research work. Craig, the owner of an international security firm, has just hired two new agents, he hopes will allow him to spend more time at home in New York. They choose an exclusive resort in Cancun, and are looking forward to rest, water sports, fine dining and isolation from the distractions of work. When a Mexican archeologist calls, their plans are shattered.

A team is assembled, including the leader, two additional archeologists and a group of six graduate students. As work is begun, a five-man group of men, considering themselves direct descendants of the Mayan builders of the site, are determined to prevent the desecration of their holy site. This history-filled, fast moving story follows the efforts of the two opposing groups to each reach their goals.

In the end, Craig brings down some of his agents and together with the police at last capture the men, while Erin and the team complete their mission. Daniel A. NaTaviss little sister, Tracy, has the power to grant wishes. NaTavis makes a wish to go home, not knowing that his home is not real and only in his mind.

Tracys power to grant wishes does something unexpected, and it starts bleeding multiple parallel worlds into their world.

The Alkano Letters - AUTHORSdb: Author Database, Books and Top Charts

Many of the heroes of their world lose their powers as a result of this. So to stabilize the new world thats being created, a young woman named Carol enacts a tournament to keep all people and parties in check. Little does she know, her actions and NaTaviss failed wish starts a whole chain of events that causes thousands of people, aliens, and beings to start coming together in what they hope will be a very interesting future.

Brittany Nicole Allen. Paul Odiaka. Kamal was born and bred amongst the Masi people, deep in the heart of West Africa. Unknown to him, he was the first son of King Madogo Shal Adak, king of Sharman, a fact kept from him by his mother.

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Michael Klein. Jamaican Gangs of New York. Desmond Skyers. In search of a better life, these new migrants arrived in New York City from the poverty-stricken and violent ghetto of Western Kingston, Jamaica. Predisposed to violence and experienced in the life of the street, they aged between twenty and thirty-five.

They were different from all those that came before them from this exotic island. With the potential for a drug sale at any time, these new arrivals squared-off against one another in the streets of New York City, fighting for control of the illicit yet lucrative cocaine and crack market.

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From Brooklyn to Queens, Manhattan to the Bronx, the city was divided into three gang strongholds, basically no-go areas. In addition to the Jamaicans, there were two black American gangs, one came out of Brooklyn and the other from Queens. When they crossed paths with the Jamaicans, it was war. Then there was the Gem Girls. This was a gang of girls from western Kingston led by a light-skinned lesbian named Patsy.

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These girls were as ruthless as their male Jamaican counterpart. The desire for instant gratification and material satisfaction was impetus for the violence and killings that followed. None dared to stand in their way. This violence caught the attention of the newly elected mayor Jack Jackson, who established a gang task force, headed up by a no-nonsense former Vietnam veteran named Todd Sullivan. On Todds first day on the job, he shook his head and swore. These fucking Jamaican posses are turning our city into a fucking killing zone.

We are going to send every fucking one of them to prison. Vitabu Pepe vinavyofanana na hiki. Kenneth Joel Teicher. Early in the twenty-fifth century, agent Adrianne Atwood is on an assignment that is taking entirely too long. Engineers have terraformed a planet, called Solitude, as the ultimate retirement local for the wealthy. Adrianne discovers that Jackson is conspiring to acquire the planet for himself. Taking advantage of his immense wealth, he enlists the aid of Solitude employees to accomplish his reprehensible goal. Kitabu cha 1. Upcoming Events. No scheduled events.

Add an event. Kenneth is Currently Reading. Kenneth Teicher is currently reading. Nov 04, AM. The Carthage Connection. May 05, PM. May 04, PM. Permission: Time of the Maker by Joe Dacy.

I would Hello all, I have recently published the forth book in my Erin and Craig action adventure series and am looking for people to review the story. I would be happy to send a free copy to anyone interested. Simply send me a message here including your format preference and an email address to send it to. Thanks very much, Ken Jan 08, PM. Of course, I will be more than willing to exchange the favor and will obviously be happy to send you a copy in your preferred format. My email is kenteicher nyc. What about extraterrestrials?

Or both? The alien nature of the craft, discovered at a remote location in the Arizona desert, raises concern for national security.

This prompts the Pentagon to add Colonel Warren Anderson to the team. A group of college students on a field trip is discovered near the landing site. But they are not really students. They are time travelers from five-hundred years in the future with a mission to instigate the development of a worldwide genealogical database.

Is this an advance party of an alien invasion or time travelers on a lifesaving mission? Joe and the Colonel battle about which scenario is true. Joe believes he must help the 'students' save future humankind from genealogical doom.

Colonel Anderson doesn't buy the story and wants to focus on the present. Who is right? Dec 22, AM. All books will be accepted.