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Health in Your Hands by Rita Robinson. Published by Newcastle Publishing Co. Good science stuff and diagnostic techniques from the medical community. I like to keep this giant volume on my table just to intimidate people! It is huge, and will take a year to read correctly.

The highlights of the book for me are the pictures of the palms of dead people - such as suicides, executed felons, etc. Available through Flora.

Cold Reading, Fortune Telling & Mentalism For The Psychic Entertainer

Written for the uninformed public, a shrewd and cynical reader can glean a lot from between the lines. Some nifty history and scientific stuff, as well as the famous Biblical quote defending Palmistry. Ron takes some liberties with Classical Palmistry, but it's close enough and he makes it work. He throws in Runes, Numerology, Auras, etc.

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You could get your entire education from this book and do well. His approach is very, very good. Lee's version and evolution of the old Forer personality reading, with good evasive maneuvers when you miss. It is a script, but it has enough variety built in that it is a good starting point until you become more confident. I use several lines from it for filler, when I need it. The cassette that comes with it gives you a lot of info about Psychic fairs and reading strategies.

One of the true bargains in this field.

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King of the Cold Readers by Bascom Jones. You cannot appreciate this book until you have a couple of years of reading under your belt, but get it and read it a few times a year. Well that said, I guess cold reading isn't for me.. I would really never want to tell anyone that I'm a psychic mind reader who can predict the future, and I couldn't find a link to your book that worked. Thank you however for the advice. You can still use cold reading, and you can use palmistry to give a 'character' reading, which is what a lot of people do anyway - simply tell the person all about themselves using what you see on the hand as a guide.

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It's up to you whether you want to say you are psychic and can read the future. Personally I've never said that. I do not tell people that I am psychic or that I can predict their future. What is most fascinating to me is that the meaning of a set of lines is roughly the same regardless of the time in history or location on the planet that the system was developed.

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By studying this system I have learned to see what those before me saw. By the way…Thanks Bev. Posted: Jun 25, pm. You can as well use cold reading lines in the process of divining a zodiac sign, without claiming you are psychic or predicting the future. You can use these character cold reading lines in other effects too. A decent annotated bibliography of cold reading resources can be found here.

Most — but not all — of these view it from an entertainer's perspective. I'm not sure I exactly what it is your looking for. You say you want your cold reading to be more in liine with mentalism; what is the difference, to you, between mentalism and psychic entertainment?

Cold Reading | The Magic Emporium

If you mean a more psychoogical bent you learn a stock reading or Webster's Psychometry A to Z and give a little reading, but give a faux body language explanation of how you do it. Watch the first season of "the mentalist" for examples. My apologies if that's not what you were talking about. Between the two, my life flows.

Let me put it this way.. Quote: On , magicFreak2 wrote: Yet all the cold reading resources deal with it as a stand alone character reading not what I want at all. That's why I wrote my book, as I told you earlier, for mentalists who wanted to 'spice up' their mentalism in all those annoying places where the instructions read 'and then add in some cold reading' as if it was really easy and everyone can do it.

The classic reading lines are actually quite useful for this, if you understand how to use them properly.

Craig Browning's Learning Cold Reading

Just tried it on three different browsers and on my phone, seems to work fine. Fails for me too, Bev. Same here, Bev.