Manual The Spatial Market Process: 16 (Advances in Austrian Economics)

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Volume 18, no. 4 (Winter 2015)

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An epistemological perspective on knowledge transfers: From tacitness to capability and reliability. Industry and Innovation 19 8 , pp. Opening up the 'Jacobs Spillovers' black box: local diversity, creativity and the processes underlying new combinations. Journal of Economic Geography 11 5 , pp. Desrochers, P. Creative cities and regions: The case for local economic diversity. Creativity and Innovation Management 20 1 , pp. Inventive city-regions: Path dependence and creative knowledge strategies [book review].

Regional Studies 45 7 , pp. Review of Russell Hardin, how do you know? The economics of ordinary knowledge. Princeton University Press, , pages [Book Review]. The Review of Austrian Economics 24 1 , pp. Creative environments: the case for local economic diversity. In: Andersson, David E. Marina Bianchi. Steven Horwitz.

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New Releases. Description "The Social Science of Hayek's 'The Sensory Order'" systematically examines the relevance and significance of Hayek's cognitive psychology for economics and social science, and is the only publication of its kind to do so. Papers examine Hayek's cognitive psychology from the perspective of evolutionary theory, economics, market and social institutions, and broader social theory. Part of "The Advances in Austrian Economics Series", this book will appeal to people working in a variety of traditions in economics and related disciplines.

Although Austrian school economists are the primary audience, those working in public choice, new institutionalism, complexity theory, cognitive or behavior economics, entrepreneurship, and other areas will find great value in the series. Other books in this series. Reviewed by Nicolai J. Reviewed by Greg Kaza. The Economist Eugen v. Translated by Karl-Friedrich Israel. Reply to Dr. Howden on Opportunity Costs by Eduard Braun.

Reviewed by Patrick Newman. Reviewed by Nikolay Gertchev. Reviewed by Allen Mendenhall. Herbener and David J. Akerlof and Robert J. Reviewed by Mark Thornton. Reviewed by Robert P. Reviewed by Lucas M. Reviewed Christian Toll. A Comment on Dr. Finance behind the Veil of Money : Response to Dr. Braun's Comment by David Howden. Campos Dias de Sousa and David Howden. Rothbard and Patrick Newman. Reviewed by Jason E. Reviewed by David Howden. Praxelogy Of Coercion: Catallactics vs. Reviewed by Matthew McCaffrey.

Watkins, Jr. Reviewed by Audrey D. Szpindor Watson. Powell, ed. Reviewed by Dale Steinreich. Reviewed by Daniel J. Garrison on Keynes by Edward W.

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Russell and Michael R. Bordo and William Roberds. Review by Per L. The Forgotten Depression by James Grant. Reviewed by George Bragues. The Dollar Trap: How the U. Ngrams and the Austrian School , by Christopher Westley. Reviewed by William N. Reviewed by Jingjing Wang. Reviewed by Stephen Cox. What Should Austrian Economists Do? Misesian Insights for Modern Macroeconomics , by J. Huston McCulloch.

An Appreciation of B. Shenoy, Economist , by Sandeep Prakash.

Archives of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Reviewed David Howden. Reviewed by Thomas DiLorenzo. Ekelund, Jr. Price III. Reviewed by Matt McCaffrey. Reviewed by Philipp Bagus. Competition and the Economists , by Murray N. Finance and the Good Society , by Robert J.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow , by Daniel Kahneman. Reviewed by Per Bylund. A History of the Federal Reserve, Vol. Reviewed Greg Kaza. Reviewed by Thorsten Polleit. Hahn , by George Bragues. Open Institutional Structure , by Feng Deng. Reviewed John P. The Perils of Preaching to the Choir?

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Money or Money Substitutes? Ludwig H. Entrepreneurship, Compensation, and the Corporation , by Henry G. Reviewed by Laurent Carnis. Who Owns the Sky? Reviewed by Jacob H. Shockley, Peter M. Frank, and Roger Stough, eds. Symposium Introduction , by Mark Thornton. Industrial Employment and the Policies of Herbert C. Hoover , by D. Reviewed by John P. Ownership and Competitive Dynamics , by Nicolai J.

Foss and Lasse B.

Advances in Austrian Economics | Emerald Insight

Stringham and Jeffrey Rogers Hummel. Cyclical Capital Stock , by James P. Keeler and J. Dean Craig. The Quality of Money , by Philipp Bagus. Murder and Inflation in Kentucky , by Clifford F. Profit and Production , by Art Carden. Cantillon and the Invisible Hand , by Mark Thornton.

Rejoinder to Hoppe on Indifference , by Walter Block. Reviewed by David Howden and Philipp Bagus. Reviewed by Adam Martin. Woods, Jr. The Great Depression: Mises vs.