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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Revelations , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 27, Cndy rated it really liked it. What do you do when your it's Monday morning and your half way through a Jane Perry book?

You start reading and you don't stop until your done! Jane is trying to find a fifteen year old boy in a small town where the residents like to hide their secrets. And keep their secrets. At all costs. Significant new character. Love him. Hope he hangs around. Oh and Jane quit smoking. Hope she doesn't quit swearing. I shall be quite disappointed. Jul 20, Grace Rose rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who is looking for a book with depth and soul.

Recommended to Grace Rose by: I know and love the series. Stunning, powerful, original, mesmerizing, haunting, heartbreaking, shocking, disturbing, illuminating and worthy of 10 stars! I'm already a fan of Laurel Dewey but the third book in the Jane Perry series just blew me away. I can truly say that there is no author out there today who writes with the intensity and honesty that Dewey does. Her character, Jane Perry, is so damn real and compelling that you can't help but root for her, even when she falls short.

In this novel, Jane is met with a pers Stunning, powerful, original, mesmerizing, haunting, heartbreaking, shocking, disturbing, illuminating and worthy of 10 stars! In this novel, Jane is met with a personal crisis and, through that, is somewhat softened compared to the other two books in the series. But the introspection is so deep and often profound at times that you just cannot stop turning the pages.

You are drawn into the story and characters and have to know what happens next. The character she encounters in the book, Jordan Copeland, who is the alleged "bad guy" is equally beautifully written and quite heartbreaking to read. I found myself too many times in tears for what this man had gone through in his tortured life. The interactions between Jane and Jordan Copeland are non-PC and chillingly honest in their prose and observations.

I highlighted a great deal of the lines Jordan says throughout the book as they were comments I need to consider and reflect upon. The basis of the story is about how a family secret, long buried, creates a life of its own and can be repeated in the bloodline of the family for generations. The intricate, multi-faceted stories that dovetail in and out of the book all include some kind of secret that begs to be revealed.

Jane also has a secret of her own and another one that we don't uncover until the very last line of the book. It's a doozy and one that will leap into the next novel All I can say is, if you are ready for honest, no holds barred prose, read the Jane Perry series. You'll be addicted like I am and so many others are. View 1 comment. Jun 04, Cheryl rated it really liked it Shelves: , mystery , pump-up-your-book-virtual-book-tour , 4-diamonds.

This is the second book that I have read by Laurel Dewey. I have definitely seen growth in her writing! Sergeant Detective Jane Perry is at it again. This time she is trying to solve the case of a boy, Jake Van Gorden, who was attempting suicide, but then got kidnapped in the process. Something just seemed strange about that.

Articles and Chapters

Clues are being sent to the boy's family and the police about the boy's disappearance. Jane is thinking it's the boy who is setting the whole thing up and he is trying to ge This is the second book that I have read by Laurel Dewey. Jane is thinking it's the boy who is setting the whole thing up and he is trying to get some money out of his parents, but there are not any ransom requests.

I love Jane Perry. She doesn't hold anything back. She tells things like they are and is not afraid at all to speak her mind. She gets these weird feelings that seem to lead her to things that might give her clues. Also, she smells things like flowers that seem real, but then they go away. I love the mystical part of Jane Perry! She does have a secret about herself though that nobody knows. I like this quote from Jane: "It's the little things, you know?

People are always looking at the elephant in the room and I'm always looking at the peanut. There were also some other surprises at the end! I recommend this mystery book for sure! It is quite a long read, but very good! Laurel Dewey is definitely an author to read if you like a good mystery with interesting characters! This is also a test of bloggers mobile blogging. I am dictating this review on my B e l o v e d droid x. This is a mystery of great depth and very intricate prose.

It is a complicated plot about a murder or is it? James Perry is not a lovable protagonist. She has lots of bad habits and an antagonistic personality. Of course the same traits make her much more believable. Weyler her partner, has extraordinary patience. There is a wealth of curious characters with strange and bizarre behavior.

Dewey excels on developing interesting characters. On occasion I found some of the longer soliloquies tedious to read. Overall though it was a very good mystery which I recommend. The above post was submitted via mobile blogging ap from Blogger to my blog, I added the rating and the Amazon ad once I got home to my computer. Still one more way technology makes my heart sing! I love Jane Perry but this book fell flat for me. I skipped several chapters at the end because I thought it would never end. I will take a break from them. How many revelations does it take to set them free?

The small, upscale Colorado town of Midas had barely registered on Sergeant Detective Jane Perry's radar before her former boss and current colleague told her she needed to join him there for a case. All she knew was that it was a long way from Denver -- both in terms of physical distance and sensibility. Jake Van Gorden, the fifteen-year-old son of a prominent area businessman, has disappeared, and all signs point to his abductor being Jordan Copeland, a man who committed a similar crime decades ago.

There are indications that Jake is still alive, so the clock is ticking, but as Jane investigates Copeland, she begins to uncover trails of devastating -- and even deadly -- secrets all around Midas. One hits her like a left cross before she leaves Denver, and the other creeps up to her from the most unlikely of places.

On top of this, Hank Ross, owner of a bar in Midas, has somehow managed to find a way beneath Jane's armor-plated defenses, forcing her to contend with feelings she hasn't allowed to surface for a very long time. What Stephanie Thought: I hadn't read a good ol' mystery novel in a really long time, and boy oh boy, did Revelations satisfy my cravings. There's more than mystery to Laurel Dewey's latest novel, third in the Jane Perry series I have yet to begin with the first.

There's riveting suspense. There's gruesome horror. Best or worst of all, there's that frightening so-close-to-home shot that had me shivering and assuring myself that all of this was fiction -- only fiction. How unbelievably convincing fiction can be. Jane has the eeriest feeling about Jake Van Gorden's disappearance -- while her detective partner and case leader are convinced he's dead, there's something inside her, squirming to get out, that knows Jake's case is too peculiar too give up on. Her gut instinct proves accurate, but the reader doesn't know this until the last few chapters, when all the small, but confined secrets of Midas are finally revealed.

I cannot believe how scintillating the plot is.

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Each page brings shocking details to the crime scene, with twists and turns -- some, mere red herrings -- along the way. The only thing Jake wants, Jane discovers, is to to find out the truth about his family which his parents work so hard to keep hidden from him. But that curiosity eventually gives him the truth, the complete truth, which makes him realize sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss. By the misunderstood departure and scandal of a troubled teenager, Dewey expresses an important, but often neglected moral: Truth that is so sought-after is the same truth we turn our heads away from.

One thing not entirely to my liking is Dewey's fierce dramatization of Jane's dilemma. I assure you, drama is what makes suspense go around, but what Dewey does that bothers me is italicize every other word. Italics are meant for emphasis, but when they're thrown over words too commonly, the emphasis is no more.

If you still can't wrap your head around this, think of it this way: Say my house is completely white, but I want to make it unique and paint the door red. Now my house is the most fashionable one on the block. But then let's say I want it to be even more fashionable, and paint all the windows red, as well as the shingles, as well as the exterior walls.

Now, in an attempt to make my entire house "unique" by painting the whole thing red, its uniqueness is destroyed and now my house is no longer a white house with a red door; it is a red house. The ending is unexpected, which, in my opinion, is a necessity to a well-written mystery. As I mentioned, I still haven't gotten the chance to read the two previous Jane Perry novels -- Protector 1 and Redemption 2.

Though Revelations makes a great stand-alone story, I look forward to reading the previous books in the series. In other words, I don't want to read the first two novels to "complete" my understanding of Jane perry; I want to read the first two novels simply because I know they'll be just as good. Radical Rating: 8 hearts- Would recommend to lots of really good friends.

Jun 14, L. As Sergeant Detective Jane Perry listens to her diagnosis—possible cervical cancer—she is devastated. Having made significant life style changes recently, including sobriety, the diagnosis is unexpected. Having to wait on another set of tests puts her over the edge, and she decides to spend some time away from her job in homicide. As she gets to the office to leave a note of her intentions, her partner Weyler sto Article first published as Book Review: Revelations by Laurel Dewey on Blogcritics. As she gets to the office to leave a note of her intentions, her partner Weyler stops her.

They have just landed the case of a missing year-old boy. Since the case is outside their jurisdiction, she does not understand why they have snagged it. Weyler informs her that the Sheriff is close to retirement and an old friend, one who has asked for his help on the case. He is looking for closure before retirement. Jane and Weyler are close, but she does not feel she can share her news.

It is personal and private to her, something she struggles with. She is a private person that continually finds herself in the public eye based on the media she has received in several past cases. Often just her appearance creates a bit of media frenzy. Already feeling vulnerable and exposed, she hopes to be able to bypass this particular issue.