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One network predicts timing of the steps from the audio and another network creates sequences of arrows from the timings. You can read more details in the paper pdf. Why is everything at BPM? The network that predicts step timings has no concept of rhythm or tempo.

Dance, Dance Resolution

It simply answers the following question times a second: should there be a step here? We map these to step charts by creating measures with steps at BPM. For now, turn off colored note skins to avoid confusion. What kind of music does it work for? DDC will produce a step chart for any kind of music but it works best for electronic or highly percussive music.

Dance Dance Dance - Home

The most interesting charts are produced by music that has significant rhythmic variety. Lincoln barely manages to escape. When Lincoln gets home, he is surrounded by his sisters who eagerly ask him if Ronnie Anne asked him out to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, in which Lori says it's the most important dance in a girl's life. Lincoln lies to them by saying that he waited for Ronnie Anne to ask him out, but she never came. The lie seems to have tricked the girls, and Lincoln claims that he got off scot-free.

Later that day, as Lincoln is about to leave to head to the arcade, Luna , Luan , Lynn , and Lucy tell Lincoln that they each found a date for him, because they felt sorry for him.

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Lincoln is initially shocked, but then he comes clean and tells the truth to his four sisters. Once they find out about this, they sternly force Lincoln into going to the dance, because if he doesn't, the four girls they got will be crushed.

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At the dance, Lincoln attempts to date the four girls his sisters got him while Clyde supervises him on what to do. Lincoln's first date is Luna's friend, Tabby , an aspiring musician who speaks in a slight British accent. His second date is Luan's friend, Giggles , who attends clown school.

Dance, Dance, Dance

His third date is Lucy's friend, Haiku , who is an upcoming poet. His fourth and last date is Lynn's roller derby teammate, Polly Pain , a girl who tends to spin people around and slam them against the wall. Lincoln proves to be successful in dating the four girls without each one of them knowing about the other, while Clyde gets more and more sick from his fear of heights. Lincoln and Clyde believe they have it Lincoln realizes that if Ronnie Anne finds him here, she'll be upset.

But he comes up with a backup plan: he tells his friends to cover for him for his four dates while he tries to leave. Liam, Zach, Rusty, and Clyde seem to be doing a great job, getting along with the girls. Rusty and Polly Pain bond over their mutual love of rollerblading, Zach and Giggles clown around, Liam and Tabby turn it up to 11, and Clyde and Haiku both mope over their unrealized love for seniors Lori and a Vampire. As Lincoln attempts to leave, he bumps into numerous obstacles which give away his hiding place, Mrs.

Johnson , who is holding a raffle where the winner gets to have lunch in the Teacher's Lounge, announces the winner: Lincoln.

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  8. Realizing that he got called on, he attempts to hide again, only to bump into Tabby and the other girls. The girls are initially mad at him for deceiving them, but they openly admit that they had a better time with the boys who hung out with them.

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    Lincoln says he's completely fine with them hanging out with his friends. Although Lincoln believes he didn't get into major trouble, Ronnie Anne appears behind him where he confesses that he hid from her to avoid attending the dance. Ronnie Anne laughs at this, as she never wanted to go to the dance but wanted to invite him to go to the arcade because of the 2-for-1 deal. Realizing that they both wanted to do the same thing all along, the two are on good terms again. The Sadie Hawkins Dance is drawing near its end, and all the couples slow dance together, including Lincoln's friends, and their dates.

    Lincoln asks Ronnie Anne if she would like to dance and she agrees.

    Chapter 16: Dance Dance Resolution

    The two are then seen at Gus' Games and Grub , where they play on the dance machine. Lana , Lola , and Lisa have no lines in this episode, but were heard saying "What", when Lincoln tells his sisters what happened with Ronnie Anne. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.